Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updated Address!

Alrighty, guys, so apparently I messed up the mailing address. Here is the updated version:

Ethan Pickering, PCV
Corpo da Paz / U.S. Peace Corps
Avenida do Zimbabwe, 345
CP 4398

Honestly, I'm not really sure what all the numbers mean, but that's the address I've been given. Feel free to send me love in the forms of letters, Big Red Gum, and/or dental floss. I'm always looking forward to any of those. Oh yeah, and perhaps a few rolls of hemp string so I can keep my hands occupied in my downtime with something other than washing my clothes by hand (which is getting painful due to major blisters in a few choice places).

I'm still having fun, and am definitely getting the hang of the whole Portuguese thing. I've somehow managed to escape having to kill a goat, which my host dad was telling everyone I would be doing. Am still counting my blessings for that. Killing a chicken was one thing... A goat is a much bigger and bloodier creature (I would imagine).

More to follow, but I'll try to take some pictures in the upcoming week to post onto Picasa. I promise I'll forward those to you when I can!

Muito amor desde Moçambique!


  1. 1. Frisbees forthcoming, but I need to check out shipping costs.
    1a. Said frisbees may or may not have YOUR picture on them...
    2. You've "killed a goat" before. Hell, you've "killed a goat" on the ugli, in the woods, in a bucket, and all over Ann Arbor. I'm pretty sure the principles are the same.

  2. Also, I'm visiting Stoker in Chicago this week. I miss you, man, and I know that this trip would only be better if you were here to partake in the shenanigans.

  3. you still like big red gum/?