Saturday, September 26, 2009

Contact Information

Hey everybody!

So I've never maintained a blog before, so bear with me while I get into some sort of rhythm. I'll try to keep updates as frequently as possible, but I make no promises. September 30 is the official departure date, so mark it in your calendars (if you care, which I'm guessing you do, since you took the time to check out my humble online abode). In the meantime, until I get a cell phone in Mozambique, here is how to send packages and mail, for those that care.

Ethan Pickering, PCV
Corpo da Paz / U.S. Peace Corps
C.P. 4398

I send you all much love, and look forward to keeping in contact as I can during training (for which all of my friends currently serving in the PC keep assuring me I'll survive).


  1. Hey Ethan! It's Lauren from BA! I'm excited about following your blog! Good luck at training!! =)

  2. It's about time you set this thing up, punk!

    Just kidding - I know how it goes. Learn Portuguese, enjoy your host family, and remember that training ends sooner than you think. :)

  3. Hi !!! I'm installed on my blog an COUNTERFLAGS (program who adds the flag of the country from where the blog it's accessed) and I haven't yet your country flag !!!

    Can you click me on to have the flag from your country !!?!?!


    Yours sincerlly Robert Codescu from Romania !!!